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Владимир Бережков

  • Андрею Анпилову

    Владимир Бережков

    Страну, где растут изумруды,

    Где каждый четвёртый – маг,

    Где женщины вместо посуды

    По улице носят флаг,

    И город, что любит нищий,


Ken Jasynn

  • A Night To Forget

    A night to forget

    a night to forget
    when my world had
    turned round and round
    and I drove myself insane

    I forgive what happened to me
    I don`t want to be cold all my life
    you were there ...

Smokin Armadillos

  • Let Your Heart Lead Your Mind

    (Scott Meeks/Jason Theiste) Are you worried, are you having second thoughts Is your head spinning, is stomach tied in knots Just think of us and everything will work out fine Just let your heart lead your mind When the heart takes...

Smoking Popes

  • Brand New Hairstyle

    I`m looking for a brand new hairstyle One that I can call my own One that says I`m not afraid to be my own man One that makes you glad to see me One that makes me glad to be me One that I can wear with pride when I go outside I`...


  • 6th Avenue Heartache

    Sirens ring, the shots ring out A stranger cries, screams out loud I had my world strapped against my back I held my hands, never knew how to act Chorus: And the same black line that was drawn on you Was drawn on me And n...


  • All In The Family

    Boy the way Glen Miller played Songs that made the hit parade. Guys like us we had it made, Those were the days.

Hot Boys f Young Turk

  • Bout Whatever

    [Verse 1] Fatiuged up full of that dope ready for war Me and Mark wit K`s tearing yo station up Baggin` that kill shooting at anythang that`s chillin` Wit a hundred rounds..so u know there`s gonna be a killin` Better stake yo-self in a place we can`t s...


  • Loyalty

    Where `re you from homie
    and what do you claim
    and don`t fuck around and call me essay n.a.

Mean Green

  • Don`t Be Mad

    featuring Passion Chorus: repeat 2X Don`t be mad Cause yo nigga wanna ride wit me Pimp in my caddy inside of me Neva want him mackin to the third degree Don`t be mad P-I-impim nation wide Niggaz on ly left got my girls to the righ...

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