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The Mr. T Experience

  • ...And I Will Be With You

    Let me tell you honey how it`s gonna be. You`re gonna sit around all night and watch tv: "American Ninja II" ...and I will be with you.

Matthew Sweet

  • All Over My Head

    Bad blood set you up for a fall Think youre so smart that youre fooling us all But it seems, there must of been something wrong Say youll get back if you have to crawl Well its a fat chance that youll make it at all And it ...

Circle Of Grief

  • Fading Away

    Many happy years have passed but somehow it all went totally wrong you have left my life my soul cries out, I`m left alone And see... as the night devours all the light of day And see...

Slavko Avesik and Die Original Oberkrain

  • Der Lustige Rentner

    I bin gottseidank in Rente muß nicht zur Arbeit gehn hab ein Leben ohne Sorgen und das ist so wunderschön. Mir schmeckt Essen mir schmeckt Trinken das ist gut für Leib und Seel.


  • Another Day

    (r.e. doeve, r. andal, r. hidalgo) Verse i: Only hours have gone by And yet a flood of tears Ive cried struggling with fear And now Im losing you Im torn inside And Ive been so blind Cause I never quite Believed that yo...

Apples in Stereo

  • Benefits of Lying

    Everything i saw falls away like the fate on the radio song and everything i try pass me by like the tide seems to rise then its gone still theres something to said for company in bed this time i want it, see i knew we`d a...

Hurricane (feat Beastie Boys)

  • CB4 Soundtrack

    Stick `Em Up Face down don`t turn around listen to the bass pound from all type of angles this ain`t no star spangled banner more juice than tropicana Rock from New York to Savannah Cause it`s Macka Framma? When I go to a show Some run some come plent...

Klovner I Kamp

  • Glade Dager

    Fack deg, fack deg, fack deg det koster spenn е vжre venn med meg!

    Vi lever glade dager, og gjшr hva faen vi vil siden far betaler
    sе vi har alt det vi trenger, sex og vin og masse,masse penger
    Vi l...

Apt 3g

  • Control Freak

    I like getting drunk alone late at night turn off the telephone let the stupid world pass me by success or mess I don`t care I just wanna get high but if you think that I`m running away from my problems you must be out of your min...

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