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Cormega, Jungle and Poet (QB`s Finest)

  • Queensbridge: The Album

    * send all corrections to this typist (Cormega) Straight outta Queensbridge A crazy motherfucker named Cormega In a viper chromed out beyond measure I got your girl and ??? Automatic that`ll have your ass twirling Niggaz know if they ever fuck with me...


  • Make Or Break

    Make Up or Break Up You got me so I don`t know my left from my right its getting kind of disconcerting you got me I can`t tell the shade from the light but the one thing I know is for certain baby you got to make you`re mind up ...

Cardan (Harlem World)

  • Black Mask/Time is Money 12

    Verse 1: How could I ever make you see the light, and make you read it right Money power respect nigga, thas the key to life But see its costy, me I`m to bossy, put four sugars in my coffee I`m fuckin` wit Mister Frostee Now thas the run to make ya, Se...

Defari f Evidence

  • Focused Daily

    [Defari] Sleep on the champ, man you better read the scouting report You doubtin this so I connect wit Mr.


  • Alphabetic Hammer

    [Scholarwise] Partners in crime, nineteen ninety-nine Kids feeling fine, fellas knows the time Honeys wanna grind, watch the diamond shine PNC, in the party Yes the gods be, working on another slammer Alphabetic hammer, rock with the jammer Jammer, jam...


  • Bottleneck Bob

    Have you heard the story of Bottleneck Bob tried to rob a train with cattle He laid in ambush above the hills early Sunday morning He blew the tracks to smithereens with the biggest blast you`ve ever seen and the cattle ran all...


  • Bounce Back

    [ Skee-Lo ] the other day I was cruisin` the shaw I seen Jay the big homey from Oakland runs the bay I used to be in love wit his sister back in the day had to holler at him see what he had to say it`s good to see him now and know that he`s ok he asked...

Band, The

  • 4% Pantomime

    The management said they were sorry For the inconvenience you are suffering And Mr. Booking Agent, please have mercy Don`t book the jobs so far apart We went up to Griffith Park With a fifth of Johnny Walker red And smashed it on a rock and wept While ...

C-Murder f Master P

  • Bossalinie

    Master P: Yo, C I`d like to mourn the dead (Kevin Miller) And acknowledge the livin` Know like they say You can tell a nigga How you feel when they here This is for all those livin stars out there The ghetto legends (real niggas) Niggas thats really d...

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