Sale or Return — текст песни (bis)

Today, when everythings changed

Im feeling quite strange

Its not in my head

And it just gets in my way

Weve done nothing wrong

Its taken so long

Shouldve read more books

Instead of listening to songs

Is it meaningless, and excuse for stress?

A few key quotations always better than yes

Id be enigmatic

Never talk automatic

Like the crowd from the art school

Theyre so important

Were all afraid of sale or return...

When the damage is done

This is sale or return

Then youre sale or return (this is dead stock and reduced to clear)

When theres nowhere to run (this is sale or return)

They youre sale or return (this is dead stock and its in your kitchen

Still inside a plastic bag)

Been used as a trading tool

Last big thing uncool

Were tied to a timebomb

Everyone can see through

Ive read lie after lie

Ill stick your pen in your eye

You dont speak for the people

Any more than i

Id live on a plane, nothing to explain

No sugar-free diet, Id rather mine was plain

I would never land

And be devalued by man

Id breathe the air recycled

Thats not my disease

Were all afraid of sale or return

The damage is done, youre sale or return

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