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Bring It On

  • Brrr Its Cold In Here

    I said

    Brrr its cold in here I said there

    must be some toros in the atmostphere I

    said Brrr its cold in here there must

    be some toros in the atmosphere I said

    o eo eo ice ice....

Dj Honda

  • 5 Seconds

    [Featuring Black Attack]
    What? I represent no question
    Entire life`s a record Redman from Dat`s My Word
    Yo I get hooknotic (what?) I catch that prey on they victims
    Big black I hi tech shit like radar systems

Old Dirty Bastard

  • Baby I Got Your Money

    Ohhh baby
    I dedicate this to all the pretty girls
    All the pretty girls
    Its on (echo)
    All the pretty girls, in the world
    And the ugly girls too
    Cause to me your pretty anyways baby

    Hey, dirt...

Sister Act

  • Hail Holy Queen

    Hail holy queen enthroned above, Oh Maria. Hail mother of mercy and of love, Oh Maria. Triumph all ye cherubim, Sing with us ye seraphim. Heaven and earth resound the hymn. Salve, salve, salve regina.


  • A Product Of Society

    (Jimmy P. Brown II, George Ochoa) What kind of society do we have Where doing the wrong is right? Living by rules pressured in Throughout time The lies are always being fed While the world is going to hell Do all you can to please...

Chris Cummings

  • The Kind Of Heart That Breaks

    I`ve seen that look a million times before It says she ain`t no stranger to a closing door And she can`t hide what lies inside She`s got the kind of heart that breaks Easy does it for goodness sake One tear away from a big m...

Chris De Burg

  • When I Think Of You

    When I Think Of You Artist : Chris De Burgh There is something on my mind, and I`m losing concentration And I feel it everytime, that you are near me.

Billy Madison

  • Suntan Lotion

    Suntan lotion is good for me.
    It protects me. Tee hee hee.
    Oh the sun tries to burn me,
    But you won`t let it, will ya?
    Ultra-violet rays, BAD!
    Lotion, GOOD!



  • Advent

    It was all true A parlour strode, and the night sets forever I stray in the quiet cold And you gird me when I dare to listen Elastic meadow, endless arms of sorrow Lips try to form because Trying to adapt to the wilderness Where even foes close their ...

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