Pseudo Intellectual — текст песни (Deliverance)

(Jimmy P. Brown II, George Ochoa)
Defying all laws of logic
Scrutinizing truth to lies
To suit presuppositions, I ask why?
I`m sure for greedy gain
Or plain ignorance
Parroting what you`ve heard
There all lies
Pseudo intellectual
You walk in utter darkness
Pseudo intellectual
Professing to be wise, you`ve become a fool
Blind leading the blind
Professors in our universities
Saying the Bible doesn`t compare
To scientific proof
I got news for you
The Bible is historic literature
Has survived the scrutiny
Of the likes of you
You think you`ve got the answer for everything
How to refute Christianity
Trying so hard to disprove it0s validity
Many have tried and failed, why don`t get a life
You say the Bible contradicts itself
I ask you, show me where, you never can
Next time think twice, before you speak your tripe
You`ve been silenced by the Scriptures
Ha that`s what I thought

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