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MURS f Digital Underground

  • Risky Business

    [MURS] See, had the place to myself, my parents went outta town So I had the music up and was runnin` around Singing to the beat of my favorite underground Song at the time, let`s just say it was MURS I was rappin` in the mirror, I was knowin` every ve...

Saafir f Sonnie Black

  • The Hit List

    Intro: Huh yeah yeah. Saafir in the house youknowhatI`msayin`? Layin` it down with my nigga Sonnie Black. About to spit this shit to you. You might be on this motherfucker man.

Кабаре-дуэт `Академия`

  • Баден-Баден

    Может раем может адом может быть библейским садом Чем угодно Баден Баден в вашей жизни может быть Не распознан не разгадан Баден Баден как мне жить Закрыты порты открыты рты орут коты острят шуты летят торты Смеешься ты и ты стремишься в Баден Баден И...

Christian Anders

  • Am Strand Von Las Chapas

    In Spanien am Strand von Las Chapas da blieb ich stehn und dachte: Was ist das? Ein blondes Mädchen schön und braun gebrannt lag dort im heien Sand. Erst traute ich mich gar nicht zu ihr hin.


  • All Around

    I see the rising sun I feel the warming one Weve come a circle To the way we once begun No ones really sure How to make it up Or give a name to the way Weve been acting lately All around A man he buys a gun He is h...

Cam`ron f Freaky Zeekey, McGruff

  • Come Home With Me

    * send corrections to the typist (Yo, pass me that phone) Cam: Hello? Guy: Yo, yo, can I speak to Cam? Cam: Fuck is this B? State ya name Guy: Yo, yo, hello yo, you don`t know me O nothing like that, though dog But Yaknawhamsayin`? I keep it gully th...

MC Solaar

  • A Temps Partiel

    J`ai le C.A.P de rappeur, le B.E.P de toaster Le brevet d`aptitude la fonction d`animateur Une matrise du microphone, le bac de rimes qui rsonnent.

Асмолов Владимир


    В кинозале темном
    Ты вздыхаешь томно,
    Но, поверь мне, Тома,
    Это все - не секс!
    Нет, еще не скоро
    Наша киношкола
    Будет в виде голом
    Представлять прогресс!
    Все от на...

Capone-N-Noreaga f Algado, Final Chapter

  • Straight Like That

    [Intro] I`ll murder you Don`t give a fuck about [Chorus 1] [Capone] It`s Thugged Out Entertainment nigga [Final Chapter] Straight like that [Capone] We cut, shoot, stab, sell crack [Algado] Straight like that [Capone] W...

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