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Judy Torres

  • Come Into My Arms

    The other night when we kissed You told me I was yours forever But when I woke up the next morning, you were gone Come back baby Come into my arms You, you showed me how love could be Just show me how much you need You`ve ...

Judy Weiss

  • So Wie Ein Schmetterling

    Ich wein` ihm keine Träne nach bin nicht verletzt ich weiß es war wunderbar. Ich hab` nie mehr von ihm gehört warum hat mich das nie gestört war mir nichts wert.


  • Can`t Let Go

    Man that girl just got you wrapped around her finger man You bout sweatin` her, can`t let go (I aint trippin` man, she just pretty man) You must be crazy (yeah) Naw that`s not what you was talking bout (You know what I mean, ...


  • All Day Afternoon

    Love receive this Romeo Novice see, novice do Novice shake and need someone and hope some sweet survive Radiance reveal itself Have someone say him beautiful Beautiful beyond the eye, beyond this flesh nontruth CHORUS All day afte...

Игорь Миненков

  • Банальная история

    Игорь Миненков


    Карина писала картины.

    Карина сходила с ума.

    Карина хотела мужчину,

    Хотя быть могла им сама.

    Она продавала рабо...


  • Abc

    ABC die Katze lief in denSchnee und als sie wieder heraus kam da hatt` sie weiße Höschen an o jemine o jemine o jemine o je ABC die Katze lief zur Höh sie leckt ihr kaltes Pfötchen rein und putzt sich auch ...


  • Asian Girl

    Being with you, makes me believe, the sun will always shine, and I`m glad, that I`m with you girl, and that you`re always mine.


  • If I Had One Wish

    Before I lay down at night I get on my knees and pray That you`ll be the one for me The one with me Every Day OoOooOo..And when I close my eyes to sleep I pray that my soul you`ll keep OoOooOo..And take me where the light shines ...

Deep Silence

  • Deep Silence

    (lyrics: Kay Hartung; music: Sascha Klamp & Kay Hartung) He`s the one the world is waiting for. He`s the one the world is hopeful of. They praise him to their king. When he speaks everyone is silent.

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