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  • Давай друг друга украдем

    Давай друг друга украдём И никому о том не скажем И не обмолвимся тайком О самой грешной в мире краже Разбогател за ночь одну Не будем ведать мы в объятьях Что жизнь за дверью ждёт к утру Как неизбежное заклятье Давай друг друга украдём Забыв дожди, ...

Hot Boys F TQ

  • Gangsta Nigga

    [Lil Wayne] Holla at me nigga you know it be Weezy The Don I murder easy but hard to kill like Steven Segal Its paper, pussy, and pistols – pass love to the pimp I`m clutching a M busting that tip for fucking with him I`m stuck with the hustle, smuggli...


  • Aquel Que Habia Muerto

    A pasado el tiempo y an cambiado muchas cosas An surgido nuevos cantantes y nuevas modas Pero el mundo sigue teniendo la misma escena Alegrias pero tambien tristezas Amor pero tambien odio y este que te habla ha caminado por sombras De valle de muerte ...

The Drive

  • F.Y.B.

    She looks in the mirror, and the seas are swell. A loser nation makes her starve herself. The house is on fire, she threw dishes in the street. Her body is a prison, standing on two feet.


  • A Simple Love

    (G.Snowcat) A simple love without explaination A simple love it`s no destitution Every night could be my judgement day Trial by hate A simple game it`s all I ask from you A simple maze I`m lost inside of you It`s a mayday from the...

benavidez jose

  • you and me

    this is my first tab, but i think it`s ok. the chords used in this song are in the solo and at the bottom of the page. this was the second song i ever wrote, it`s for my girlfriend Tina.

Death Crimson

  • Depilati

    (Alessio, Gianni, Leonardo, Damiano) Amore mi sembri un cespuglio di more, Amore, tesoro mi sembri un cespuglio d`alloro, L`ozono con te non teme pi fori, quando tieni la peluria di fuori.


  • Agonised

    Agonising road to ruin Fright filled roots of soul Iconoclasmic nightmare watching Grief now uncontrolled Uncertain loss, my pain - frustration Now to reign regret Wreaking havoc, near undoing The trauma that dejects Desolated mi...

benigni roberto

  • l inno del corpo sciolto

    L`inno del corpo sciolto (Roberto Benigni) Do E questo и l`inno-o del corpo sciolto Sol7 lo puт cantare solo chi caca di molto se vi stupite la reazione и strana Do perchи cacare soprattutto и cosa umana.

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