Numbness Of Highlights — текст песни (Awaken)

I don`t know what runs inside my thoughts
It`s like an insistent beat
Guiding me through an endless cloud of blackholes
No need to imagine a big suicide
The end enters my veins
As a sneaky poison
Pretty girl don`t climb to high
The fall never forgives
Come back sadness, come back
And lead me to the final headcrash
But I`m blind and memories fade away
As love begins to smelt
What are you thinking of
In the backstage of your classroom?
I`m in a dead-end
And I wish I could crush myself
Against the climbing wall
Weariness became my kind of food
Come back darkness, come back
And protect me from my fears
Why am I just here
Sinking on a quicksand of dark thoughts?
I`m getting tired and I cannot move
I never could think you would drive me
To lose my self-control
Come back madness, come back
Never leave me alone

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