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Johnny Logan

  • Heartland

    Have faith in the one you love have faith in the one you love. They tell me that time is a healer They say it all comes to those who wait.

Ceremonial Oath

  • Carpet

    [lyrics:Nordberg,Iwers] He told me he didn`t want to be a liar no more so afraid of being this carpet flowing around Emotions just walking by and put behind the foggy bar Nobody ever dies I torch the burning skies Fire,feeding my...


  • Dungeness

    I found a rope and a rubber glove you found some pretty stones and they had holes so you could tie them together tie them together tie them together and when we spoke there was silence cos there`s no need to make a sound when...

Johnny Mathis

  • Brian`s Song

    If the hand of time Were hand that I could hold I`d keep them warm. And in my hand They `d not turn cold. Hand in hand We`d choose The moments that should last. Timeless moments That have no future And no past.

Heavy D

  • A Buncha Niggas

    featuring Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes, Guru, Rob-O, Third Eye Intro/Chorus: Who`s on the microphone? A BUNCHA NIGGAS! (repeat 3X) I got my crew so other niggas better leave us alone Chorus [Third Eye] The Group Home`s down yo, fli...

Infinite Mass f MC Eiht

  • Comptown 2 Stocktown

    (Westside, in the house, for the ninteen ninety sick. Yeah, Mc Eiht in the house, Infinite Mass in the house. And this is how we represent... check it out!) (MC Eiht) We represent from six thousand miles away.


  • Be Yourself by Audioslave

    Someone falls to pieces
    Sleeping all alone
    Someone kills the pain
    Spinning in the silence
    She finally drifts away
    Someone gets excited
    In a chapel yard
    And catches a boquet
    Another lays a dozen


  • Serpent Of Deep

    Gathering clouds of grim empower the serpent descending, this atlantean storm awaken vile ancient beast for too long have you slept arise from the cold and murk....


  • Formal Invite

    [Ray J] Yeah yeah, yeah yeah Neptunes, ahahaha We got dirty in the brand new maitresse I had you walk around with your thong on back with I know you feel surprise just how long I last it Tellin on yo freeze and I`m a nasty basty ...

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