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Виктор Байрак

  • Баллада о мастере

    Виктор Байрак

    Он был несчитанных пядей во лбу,

    С чутьем, как у старой змеи.

    Если с таким затевать борьбу -

    Дай Бог уйти за свои.

    Ему сулили большое ...

Ill Al Skratch

  • Summertime (It`s All Good)

    Yeah This is how we do it (Yeah) Say what (Yeah) Come on Yeah Say brother It`s all good [ VERSE 1: Al Skratch ] Uptown, summer in the city 85 degrees and the girls are lookin pretty Yo, check it as I wreck it I love the summertime, that`s when f...

Ol` Dirty Bastard f Baby Sham

  • Caked Up

    [Intro: Ol` Dirty Bastard (Baby Sham)] Yo, this Dirt McGirt representin` Brooklyn We gettin` ready to wreck shit up, downtown, uptown (Boroughs, ya`ll niggaz better know it`s something) Wu-Tang, bitch (Get ya fuckin` head punched ya fuckin` shoulders, ...

Clarence Williams

  • Sugar Blues

    Nimm dir Zeit mit Ruhe geht`s doch auch. Ach nimm dir Zeit ist es auch heute Brauch nervös zu sein stör` dich nicht daran weil nur die Ruhe Früchte tragen kann.

Clark Anne

  • Abuse

    We shall come with all our wealth and our vulgarity into yout land carving deep wounds in our wake planting the sharped-edged dreen seed of money deep into your hands and as you grasp gasping you will thank us as it takes root gro...

Outkast f Goodie Mob

  • Aquemini

    [T-Mo] Piece by piece, this puzzle comes together Sever your ties with the bad guys, let the lies go If you wanna be a hoe, go `head and don`t be scared Many a bitch, represents, and is led Whichever way no I`m not gay and really don`t give a fuck bout...

Harlem World f Rashad

  • Not the Kids

    [Loon] Uh, uh, uh, uh, what Let`s talk about it Yeah, yeah, yeah Ma, I told you, I`m not here to fuss or fight But I see it, all you wanna do is cuss all night In front of the kids, you tryin` to crush my life Cuz you know I ain`t the type that punch ...

Diana Ross and Lionel Richie

  • Endless Love

    HIM: My love, There`s only you in my life The only thing that`s bright HER: My first love, You`re every breath that I take You`re every step I make HIM: And I HER: I-I-I-I-I HIM: I want to share BOTH: All my love with you HIM: N...

Diana Ross and Lionell Richie

  • Endless Love

    My love there`s only you in my life The only thing that`s bright. My first love - you`re ev`ry breath that I take You`re ev`ry step I make. And 1 1 I want to share all my love with you. Noone else will do.

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