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  • All About Paula

    thought she was nice `cause she was kind to animals thought she was fair = cause she`s a vegetarian and now i think twice she seems a little vacant = upstairs i know that`s not nice but neither am i i don`t care what she = thinks ...

Николай Якимов, Михаил Басин

  • Возок

    Стихи Михаила Басина

    Музыка Николая Якимова

    Тише едешь - дальше будешь,

    Не спеши, прибудешь в срок.

    Хоть в кармане держишь кукиш,

    Но толкаешь свой возок.

Bellamy Brothers

  • Beautiful Body

    If I said you have a beautiful Body would you hold it against me? If I swore you were an angel would you treat me like the devil tonight? If I was dying of thirst would your flowing love come quench me? If I said you have a beau...

Havoc and Prodeje f L.V.

  • C U When U Get Out

    [PRODEJE] Everytime I`m in the hood, I be reminiscin` Thinkin` about my Locs outta dead or in prison How we used to chop it up, how we used to kick it It was kinda wicked through the streets, we was addicted Get the pen and paper, start to write a lett...

Yolanda Adams

  • Already Alright

    I want to start things out by giving testimony Cause one of my friends got ill seriously Now the doctor told him aint no way you gone` live But he prayed his prayer in faith And a miracle appeared Chorus: Its already alr...

Athena Cage

  • All Or Nothing

    Hmm, hmm Ooh, mmm yeah Here`s the chance of life Get ready, get set, fly, high Above the fear of your mind Go for it It`s hit or miss Too late for you to quit You gotta show them how bad you really want this, oh 1 - Live your dreams It`s not as hard ...

Johnny Edwards and The White Caps

  • Rock`n`roll Saddles

    Well I went to a dance just the other night,the band they was a-rockin` to the left`n`the right.I sure got a shock as I walked through the door,about rock roll saddles boppin` `cross the floor.

Johnny Guitar Watson

  • A real mother for ya

    Wanna buy a new car But the price ain`t right Be a downside cheaper (yes it would) Star riding a bike They are making milk out of powder Got the baby`s crying Rich gone up higher Got the parents lying Lord , its a real mother fo...

Johnny Hates Jazz

  • Autumn Years

    Picking up the pieces of my life I wonder why the hell I ever came here A man without a future left to face And nothing but a memory to embrace Holding on to threads of sanity Imagining the roads I could have taken It fill...

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