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Shane McGowan

  • Haunted

    sinad: do you remember that sunny day? somewhere in london in the middle of nowhere didn`t have nothing to do that day didn`t wanna do nothing anyway shane: you got a way of walking sinad: you got a way of talking shane:...

The Clipse

  • Grindin`

    [Pharrell] & (Pusha T in sing-song voice) Yo... I go by the name... (I`m yo` pusha) of Pharrell from the Neptunes... And I just wanna let y`all know... (I`m yo` pusha) The world is about to feel... Something...

NJ Spirit

  • Someone

    I can`t come to grips with all my pain. I can`t come to grips with all that I lost. Now I find myself hurt by something I never had. Everything that I think will bring me happiness, brings me nothing but pain.


  • Charge

    [Delinom] Now, that darkness has arrived And the moon is only light I`m crossing this line To the land, which soon is, mine And I`m fighting for my pride With this sword by my side Cryon`s warriors "go hell!" I can hear...

Shane Minor

  • A Girl Like That

    (Mark Spiro/John Hobbs/Shane Minor) I don`t know what it was about her `cause She`s still on my mind So wild and young I could not keep her But waiting here`s just fine `Cause I know someday she`ll come my way And soon the s...

The Clovers

  • Love Potion Number Nine

    I took my troubles down to Madame Ruth You know that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth She`s got a pad down on Thirty-Fourth and Vine Sellin` little bottles of Love Potion Number Nine I told her that I was a flop with chics I`ve be...


  • Dirty Dawg

    You should have treated me right But you left me lonely and cold at night Said you wanted someone real Treat me better and be for real If you didn`t want it you should a let me know But since you didn`t want it Then girl you got t...

The Coalminersbeat

  • Land Of Green

    i was sitting in a stadion bar,somewhere in america when an old man came to me he asked:can i sit next to you?, and i had nothing else to doso he sat down and drank his beer.

The Code

  • Brian`s Song

    Struck down you died, one December night Taken in cold blood, under Texas twilight The headlines all read, it was "punks vs.

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