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The Deele

  • Two Occasions

    A summer love is beautiful But it`s not enough To satisfy emotions That are shared between us A winter love is cozy But I need so much more It just intensifies my wants To have a love that endures `Cause every time I close my eye...

Illegal f Diamond D

  • CrumbSnatcher

    [Malik] Yeah yeah yeah yeah, Diamond D once again, youknowhatimsaying? Illegal in the house, crumbsnatchers Snatching up all the crumbs, taking over I`m the original crumbsnatcher, making money master Choose to do what I gotta do cause I have to Die t...


  • 47 Pop Stars

    [Chorus] Jus do it, jus do it Jus do it do it do it Jus do it, rock to it Put your hands up high and move it [KJ-52] Sometimes I flow weird throw verbal Spears like Briteny That literally goes from here to Houston jus like Whiteny Battle me, ya kiddin...

The Defaced

  • 10 Vs. 9

    Looking for recognition In a defect reflection bastard son lonely one Lay it down i`m done Let`s wander the worlds on our flat planet I slain the burden Deflower the tempt and disease what is me I linger the line of disembodied ...

Aufray Hugues

  • Adieu Monsieur Le Professeur

    Paroles et musique : Hugues Aufray ditions Monique MONNET 1 Les enfants font une farandole Et le vieux matre est tout mu Demain il va quitter sa chre cole Sur cette estrade il ne montera plus.

bettie serveert

  • balentine

    From: s533099@dutiws.TWI.TUDelft.NL BETTIE SERVEERT - Balentine (from Palomine) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAB done by Menno Luitjes, 11-06-1994 LET`S START WIT...

big audio dynamite

  • E=MC2

    Somebody I never met But in a way I know Didn`t think that you could get So much from a picture show Man dies first reel People ask what`s the deal? This ain`t how it`s supposed to be Don`t like no aborigine Ritual ideas relative...

big bad voodoo daddy

  • 2000 Volts

    Hes got a sharkskin suit And a diamond earring hes got jet black hair, Just like his mother Hes got a jail tattoo, from his long-lost brother Hes got a shotgun fuse, Dont you pull his trigger Broke from jail without a gu...

big d and kids table

  • 51 gardner

    Bass Tabs: 51 GARDNER - Big D And The Kids Table Intro G-|---------7-5-----| D-|-----------7-5---| A-|-15----------5-5| E-|-----3-5-3-------| Verse G-|-------------------------------| D-|-------------------------------| Repeat 4 A-|-5-5-5-3------3...

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