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Chris Franklin

  • Bloke

    I hate the new age guys
    I`m a chauvinist
    I live on beer and pies
    Tried to tell ya
    But you look at me like maybe I`m an angel
    Hehe, don`t brush my teeth

    Yesterday I lied
    But all me...

Originoo Gunn Clapazz

  • Blah

    Im a professional Im a professional Im a professional... [top dog] You must be blind and deaf To think that you can test Originoo gunn clappz 2 to yo chest (pumm! pumm!) May the buddha bless you where they rest you Unde...

Unity Klan f JahWord

  • As it is Written

    [Jaz] As it is written just picture Where hip hop meets scriptures Through Christ the words is life to all and that`s the kicker Spirits thinker from chapter to chapter as God speaks Mysteries captured from heaven as man reads And you can meditate and ...


  • 1:30

    (Peters) I can`t sleep Counting sheep The hours slowly slip away Half past one Half past two Someone please tell me what to do I`ll fix myself a drink So now I leave the bed My thoughts they rule my head Hear that hum There`s a bu...

Lauren Christy

  • Boomerang Bang

    Ill shake it baby, Ill break it baby Ill stoke it baby, Ill choke it baby Ill slam it baby, wham bam it baby God damn it, but I wont be your boomerang bang Ill snap it baby, Ill trap it baby Ill scorch it baby, Ill torch it...


  • Faz Parte Do Meu Show

    (Ladeira - Cazuza, 1988) Te pego na escola e encho a tua bola Como todo o meu amor Te levo pra festa e testo teu sexo Com ar de professor Fao promessas malucas To curtas quanto um sonho bom Se eu te escondo a verdade Baby, pra te...

Big D

  • Hyper

    Everybody in the house jump up `n` scream
    The bass is rising, the air is steam,
    The party`s just started but every1 knows
    Two beats, a sound a drumroll and the crowd goes

    Hyper Hyper

Cat Steven

  • Father & son

    It`s not time to make a change, Just relax, take it easy. You`re
    still young, that`s your fault, There`s so much you have to know.

    Find a girl, settle down, If you want you can marry.

Skatt Bros, The

  • Life At The Outpost

    The Skatt Bros

    hop shoo bop, hop ride
    hop shoo bop, hop ride
    hop shoo bop, hop ride
    hop shoo bop, hop ride
    hop shoo bop, hop hop hop

    Give your love to a cowboy m...

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