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Room With A View

  • Budapest Song (Music From The Baltikum S

    all the things (I feel) you confuse put them here (in my mind) with some glue (I learnt the story so enjoy it high) It`s the same, I`ll fly to reach my little town In the shame I`ll forget you Now take, well it`s my new address ...

Alpert Herb

  • Making Love In The Rain

    Making love in the rain, I can`t believe the joy it brings me. Making love all alone, I hear the rain on my window. It`s just a little thing, but it means so much to me. Our bodies together, while the rain plays a melody.


  • Al Sation

    Anytime now You will see me Im trembling when you smile And pick me up right off the floor I hope so How could you know? Let me see your eyes Its been awhile Should i Act surprised How could I come till Im at your ...

B.G. f Lil` Wayne, Mr. Ivan

  • True Story

    [Mr. Ivan] Right now we got a lil` youngsta Lil` Doogie, from the B.G.`z Do what`cha gotta do mane Say what`cha gotta say Wayne [Lil` Wayne] The rhymes you are about to hear are true [Mr. Ivan] This some true shit.


  • An Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspott

    I`m writing these words like the fool that I amTrying to say something good like the person (I am)But it`s all just a sham `cos the writer I am notCould say anything, you`d believe themJust your A-typical Boy-girl-girl-boy androgy...


  • Blueside

    the colors have built up in my mind
    they`re bleeding through my heart
    and nobody knows that they exist
    look at my bursted veins
    now do you see the red in me
    it`s a sign for the end

    only the end of the r...

Михаил Басаев

  • А. Добромыслову

    Михаил Басаев

    Греется на солнышке голубое озеро,

    Тоненьким ледком его с ночи приморозило,

    И на душе моей ледка занавеской кружево,

    Растопить его слегка просто очень нужно бы...


  • Varo

    Rakas lapseni kulje hitaasti
    varo kantoja pieni kulkija
    Rakas lapseni katso tarkasti
    Pedot polulla vaanii sinua
    Ne vain tahtoo veren imeд
    niiltд puuttuu oma elдmд
    Ne voi sielun loppuun kaluta
    ja p...

Jenny Rom

  • Ika Uka

    "Hey baby, tell me where your coming from
    Don`t feel in blue when you`re dreams come true
    IKA UKA!"

    Bang to bang, my baby
    Spank to spank, oh daddy
    Tell me where you`re coming from
    Don`t feel i...

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