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David Essex

  • Gonna Make You A Star

    Oh is he more too much more than a pretty face It`s so strange the way you talk it`s a disgrace Well I know I`ve been out of style for a short while But I don`t care how cold you are I`m coming home soon I`m gonna make you a star ...

David F.r

  • Music

    Music not easy to make it But easy for you just to take it Music gonna make you sweat Here we go well get rock and wet Music gonna make you jumping Let the rhythm making you pumping Music every day and night Makes you happy and st...

Lari White

  • Aint Gonna Worry About Love No More

    (michael noble) Well, theres rain on the window and theres wind at the door But, I aint gonna worry about love no more Theres some broken dreams washed up on the shore But, I aint gonna worry about love no more Aint gonna...

Seven Places

  • Everything

    There`s no sweeter Name I know, there`s no other fount that flows. There`s no shadow of turning and I am yearning. Where can I go but into You? There`s none like You Jesus.

David Gates

  • California Lady

    She always skis the winter season Try to catch her if you please She makes the men wish... they were a little bit bolder Or on the beach at Malibu Where her talents really show on through She makes the boys wish...


  • herz aus stein

    Artist - Megaherz Song - Herz Aus Stein Alblum - Kopfschuss Tabbed by - Travis Naylor (naylor@sniper.com) Key: ~ = Ring out * = Natural Harmonic Intro: w/echo Guitar 1 E------------------------------------------------------ B--5~----6~----8~--...

megaw mal

  • mal megaw1

    From: Malcolm Megaw Subject: TAB: A bit of fun This is a piece I composed for the classical guitar some time ago.


  • To Forever And Beyond

    BRIDGE: To Forever To Forever and Beyond Boy, To Forever and Beyond I`ll take you To Forever and Beyond Amanda: When we`re close I feel you loving me When we`re apart I know its meant to be You`re smile, it lights up ...

meisner randy

  • deep inside my heart

    Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 02:06:14 GMT From: Rick L Subject: CRD: Deep Inside My Heart Randy Meisner Chords/Lyrics Randy Meisner Deep Inside My Heart written by Eric Kaz R...

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