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  • Destination Unknown

    I seelife and it`s passin` right before my eyes And the past is the past don`t regret it, time to realize I need to walk on the wire just to catch my breath, I don`t know how or where but I`m goin` it`s all that I have left It don`t matter where it ta...

Swizz Beatz f Bounty Killer

  • Guilty

    [Intro: Swizz Beatz] Yo, yo, yo yo yo yo yo! Yo yo yo, yo yo yo yo yo! All my ladies up! All my fellas up! [Bounty Killer] Rudebwoy [Swizz Beatz] Yo yo yo yo, get up! Chorus: ? (Swizz Beatz & Bounty Killer) Just cause I`m guilty (SB: All my ghettoes ...


  • Все небо

    Ты прилетаешь днём, Мне оставляя ночь. Руки горят огнём, Дни убегают прочь. Моя любовь, Я жду тебя слепо, Дай мне вновь всё небо, Дай всё небо. Утренний свет зари, Нам не дано понять, Как исчезают сны, Мне их не удержать.


  • Stop

    Everybody’s telling you lies I don’t know what they said Everybody thinks it’s alright I’ll guess they’re envious It doesn’t matter what they contrive It doesn’t matter what they do It doesn’t matter what they think now About me and you Stop! Think ...

Татьяна Васильева

  • Сентябрь

    Стихи Натальи Горбатовой

    Музыка Татьяны Васильевой

    Dm B Gm A7

    И снова сентябрь запрокинет нам голову,

    Dm ...

Ace Of Base

  • Adventures In Paradise

    We wanna be alone tonight
    `til early in the morning light
    out in the open you are here
    adventures in paradise
    We wanna be alone tonight
    `til early in the morning light
    exploring what the nature brings


  • I don`t even think to die

    Hiding faces turning pages
    Still they read and read
    Double deckers full of smokers
    Look who`s gone to seed
    Well the sun`s getting higher
    Think I`ll take a flyer
    The thought of it`s causing me pain
    Ooh! S...


  • Achilles Agony And Ecstasy (In 8 Parts)


    I) Hector Storms The Wall

    See my chariot run to your ships I`ll drive you back to the sea
    You came her for gold the wall will not hold
    This day was promised to me
    The gods are my shield li...

Reflection Eternal

  • 2000 Seasons

    Yeah Hi Tech

    Whom do we aspire to reflect on peoples death
    Who`s entertainment shall we sing our agony
    of our hopes
    That the destroyers aspiring to extinguish us will suddenly
    suffer remorse at the sight...

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