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La Oreja De Van Gogh

  • Cuidate

    Detras del tiempo me instale Ya vez no me quejo ni me quejare Mi sed, los recuerdos de alguna cancion Son hoy un premio de consolacion Y tu que has hecho para olvidar que fue Aquella chica del mar Lo se prohibido preguntar ...


  • Будь со мной

    Между тобой и мной снова дожди стеной, время сказать прощай Листья разлук летят - не возвратить назад, счастья не обещай Крылья любви моей мне не поднять теперь, ты не зови меня И в расставанья час вновь повторяю я Будь со мной, уходи и постарайся пон...

Az Yet

  • Care For Me

    Looking in your eyes It`s written on your face I can read your mind You felt the same as me, baby, girl it`s Time you face the truth You`re in love with me And I think it`s time that you came around Girl you care for me Like I ca...


  • Swing Out Sister

    When explanations make no sense
    When every answer`s wrong
    You`re fighting with lost confidence
    All expectations gone
    The time has come to make or break
    Move on, don`t hesitate
    Don`t stop to ask<...

Serra Eric

  • Anybody Hello

    Since you are gone, I am a ghost wandering on the iceland I haven`t met you mother, anyone hello We haven`t come together, anybody hello I wanna hear you mother, anyone hello Whatever is the answer, anybody hello, anybody hello An...


  • Ain`t No Sunshine (When He`s Gone)

    Ain`t no sunshine when he`s gone It`s not warm when he`s away Ain`t no sunshine when he`s gone And he`s always gone too long Anytime he goes away Ain`t no sunshine when he`s gone It`s not warm when he`s away Ain`t no sunsh...

The Black Crowes

  • Better When You`re Not Alone

    I love you in the worst way The only way I know They say the clearer the water The more that it shows They say the deeper the river The stronger the love Your eyes don`t lie to me And your smile is worth its weight in gold Chorus...

Nick Drake

  • All My Trials

    I had a little book Was give to me And every page Spoke of liberty All my trials Will soon be over There is a tree In paradise The pilgrims call it The tree of life All my trials Will soon be over But its too l...

Amanda Perez

  • Angel

    It`s been five months since you went away Left without a word and nothing to say When I was the one who gave you my heart and soul But it wasn`t good enough for you, no So I asked God God send me an angel From the heavens above S...

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