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La Onda Vaselina

  • A Los Ojos De Tu Madre

    (Mario Ablanedo) Intent cambiar por ti, pero sigo siendo el que paga siempre los platos rotos por los dos, es dificil creer que yo, sin trabajo sin un futuro, alguien tan inmaduro te hay apuesto asi.

Bill Tithers

  • Just The Two Of Us

    I see the crystal raindrops fall
    And the beauty of it all
    when the sun comes shining through
    To make those rainbows in my mind
    When I think of you some time
    And I want to spend some time with you


Caught In The Act

  • Babe

    (chorus) You know it`s you babe, Whenever I get weary and I`ve had enough, Feel like giving up, You know it`s you babe, Giving me the courage and the strength i need, Please believe, That it`s true, babe i love you.

Sern Lou

  • Swiss Boy

    Time is ticking and there`s nothing I can do My heart is aching and my love is all for you Fighting time isn`t the right situation Bite your mind now my heart is broken I can`t find my way Now I`m kicking `cause I`m think I`m losi...


  • Corpse City

    Can`t tell the difference between dark or light signs and smells of the invisible night blood and rust in the palm of my hand I focus corpse city wasteland in the blackness of my slivery soul things they`re burried and things I st...

La Oreja De Van Gogh

  • Cuidate

    Detras del tiempo me instale Ya vez no me quejo ni me quejare Mi sed, los recuerdos de alguna cancion Son hoy un premio de consolacion Y tu que has hecho para olvidar que fue Aquella chica del mar Lo se prohibido preguntar ...


  • Будь со мной

    Между тобой и мной снова дожди стеной, время сказать прощай Листья разлук летят - не возвратить назад, счастья не обещай Крылья любви моей мне не поднять теперь, ты не зови меня И в расставанья час вновь повторяю я Будь со мной, уходи и постарайся пон...

Az Yet

  • Care For Me

    Looking in your eyes It`s written on your face I can read your mind You felt the same as me, baby, girl it`s Time you face the truth You`re in love with me And I think it`s time that you came around Girl you care for me Like I ca...


  • Swing Out Sister

    When explanations make no sense
    When every answer`s wrong
    You`re fighting with lost confidence
    All expectations gone
    The time has come to make or break
    Move on, don`t hesitate
    Don`t stop to ask<...

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