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  • Black Tears

    All alone on this silent shore Waves of loneliness surround me Joy eludes me now as pain takes hold Renew the sorrow that I feel You hound my vision, I can no longer see You shiel the truth, the truth so cruel to me This growing f...

Rotten Tomatoes

  • Elmentel

    Ne menj el kedvesem,sirj egy kicsit meg nekem, tudod ugy szeretem nezni,ahogy folynak a konnyeid baby... Ne idegelj legyszives,nem birom ha jeghideg vagy, amikor elkezded a musort igy kettesben.

The Better World

  • All For Nothing

    All for Nothing (Matt Coban) What you have is something I have never felt before Don`t throw it away And if I turn my head from everything I taught myself Then I`m somewhere in the middle Well I can feel the rain, but I can also ...


  • Into The Sickest Depth Of Obscenity

    searching a perfect bodie, fat, ugly and full of shit a collection for my depravity pieces of bodies hang in my wall with proud i enjoy this room.

Sergio Mendes

  • Alibis

    It`s nothin` I can put my finger on But it`s there, I swear. It`s not somethin` I`m imaginin`. Each time you call, I know I`ll get your working late routine again.

Rottin Razkals

  • Come On Y`all

    * send all corrections to this typist Check it out, yeah Rottin Razkals, Cruddy Click, nigga I`ll have your back on that wall Get your back off that wall, boy Ill Town, Inglewood, boy Get your back off that wall [Diesel] [Fam] Hey, word is bond I ai...


  • 17 Years

    Seen how you treat her Don`t wanna turn out like you So well adjusted You leave me feeling confused I`ve wasted The last seventeen years of my life I`m not going back But I`m not gonna run away Anymore Not anymore Under the car...

Charlie Rich

  • Most Beautiful Girl

    Hey.Did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world?
    And if you did, was she cryin` ...


  • Oh, It Is Love

    oh, say, please do not go
    when you know, oh, you know that I must
    oh, say, I love you so
    you know, oh, you know you can trust
    we`ll be holding hands once again
    all our broken plans, I will mend
    I will ho...

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