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  • Barrio Dope

    What`s up ese This is the notorious Capone Back to clean up all that industry bullshit Trying to fuck my name up dog This is for you you fucking rankers Fuck the intro, straight to the point The mero mero`s back here to rock this joint Straight from t...

Fun Lovin Criminals

  • 10th Street

    When 8 oclock rolls around And the same old shit is gettin down Go to 10th street, yeah 10th street If you dont want d and you dont want that crap But you gotta get the monkey off ya back Go to 10th street, 10th street C...


  • (E.o.C.) Cross God`s Face

    Silent surroundings, black skies On top of broken trust A face frozen with fear In memories dreams are lost Can a device, read my mind Just look in my eyes Black as pitch the picture is there (to horrify) but why should I care ...

Rothenburg and Rasch

  • Ihr Herz War Nicht Aus Gold

    Solo: Es lag die Santa Monica Chor: die Santa Monica lag am Kai. Solo: Nach langer Fahrt war sie zurück Chor: sie war zurück von Hongkong und Shanghai.


  • Havoc

    {verse 1} To the point of fiendisness when is reached pure bliss to the sound of piss there was no kiss 90 is the number of eggs thrown each was each other`s clone the splat was like that of brown showers and activities activities...


  • My Only Love

    Deep in my soul Love so strong It takes control Now we both know The secrets bared The feelings show Driven far apart I`ll make a wish On a shooting star There will come a day Somewhere far away In your arms I`ll sta...

Billy`s Band

  • Всё хорошо

    Всё хорошо, только не ты, Всё позабылось, все наши мечты. Всё хорошо, только нет ничего, Что бы хоть как-то вернуло его. Всё прошло, как спелых яблонь дым, И поезд несёт его в солнечный Крым.

Rotten Sound

  • Disinterest

    Nothing against reformations Minding only my own business Please take a stand! Show us that you are a human! Armies kill with no remorse It`s OK unless someone you know dies Please take a stand! Show us that you are a human! Mindi...

Serendipity Singers

  • Don`t Let The Rain Come Down (crooked Li

    - Words and Music by Ersel Hickey and Ed Miller CHORUS (Ah, ah) Oh, no, don`t let the rain come down (Ah, ah) Oh, no, don`t let the rain come down (Ah, ah) Oh, no, don`t let the rain come down My roof`s got a hole in it and I migh...

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