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mango pirates

  • go home

    go home words and music by douglas martinez, copyright 1997-2000 as performed by mango pirates chords: E G F A lyrics: what are we doing now? where do we go from here? flying from where we were careful, don`t come too near i heard you say i love y...

manheim steam roller

  • carol of the bells

    RIFF 1: --------3--2--3--0 ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ X 4 ------------------ ------------------ RIFF 2: --------7--5--7--3 ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ X 4 ------------------ ----------------...


  • Bread And Butter

    I like bread and butter, I like toast and jam, That`s what my baby feeds me, I`m her loving man. He likes bread and butter, he likes toast and jam, That`s what his baby feeds him, he`s her loving man.


  • victim

    **VICTIM BY MANHOLE** Main guitar riff for VICTIM by Manhole TRANSCRIBED BY THE ONE KNOWN ONLY AS J. OFF THE ALBUM ALL IS NOT WELL... This song is a simple hip hop-metal style song which is simple to play. The vocal styles of singer Terria B.

Newcomer Carrie

  • Close Your Eyes

    I believe we`re born good from the start And we come equipped with a piece of God in our hearts But the world exacts a hard and bitter cost And some of us get oh so very lost Close your eyes Your heart knows why And what`s the tru...

Frishberg Dave

  • Blizzard Of Lies

    BLIZZARD OF LIES We must have lunch real soon. Your luggage is checked through. We`ve got inflation licked. I`ll get right back to you. It`s just a standard form. Tomorrow without fail. Pleased to meet you. Thanks a lot.

Benzino f P. Diddy

  • The Benzino Project

    [Benzino talking softly] Niggas wanna try and live my life and Bitches wanna try and run my life and (As we proceed!) Haters wanna try and take my life and (ha, Benzino) God...

Fritten Und Bier

  • Donald Duck

    Donald Duck, Donald Duck, Donald Duck isFuck


Fritz Beckmann and Peter Greuder

  • Ich Wollt`

    Ich wollt` ich wär` ein Huhn ich hätt` nicht viel zu tun ich legte vormittags ein Ei und nachmittags wär` ich frei.

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