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B-Legit f Kurupt, Mack 10

  • Hempin` Aint Easy

    [B-Legit] (Kurupt) (Gangsta time) Where my gangstas at? (Gangsta ville) Where all my gangstas at? (You know it aint a gangsta ville withoout a dog pound) And a hog nigga (caughing) Yea, special dedication To all my gangsta niggas and to all my gangsta ...

Campbell Tevin

  • Another Way

    Early in the mornin` `round 3 a.m. Lyin` with a girl named Kim With a glass of gin, sippin` on it `Bout to hit the skins, now I`m all in Telephone ring, was a girl named Jane >From around the way How could I forget, down in my car...

Friday Gavin

  • Caruso

    No, I`m not myself today. Je suis Salome... I am romantic Je suis Apollo... I am gigantic Hey! Stronzo, I`m standing next to you in the supermarket Yeah! Your are obvious, I am oblivious Salome, Apollo, in Technicolour I walked ...

Brandy f T.I.

  • Where You Wanna Be

    [T.I] Uh, ya know what? On the real, uh [Brandy] Me and you, we`ve been through So much that we need to start off new You need to choose, don`t be confused I think it`s time, time that you Tell me where you wanna Be with me, or be with her This whole...

Айдамир Мугу

  • Чёрные глаза

    Белый снег сияет светом
    Черные глаза
    Осень обернется летом
    Черные глаза
    Околдован я тобою
    Черные глаза
    Ослепили меня глазки
    Черные глаза

    Припев: 2 раза
    Черные глаза
    Вспоминаю - у...


  • An Apple A Day

    You know an apple a day
    Won`t keep the doctor away

    Welcome to the cliches
    welcome to the part
    Where we wanna finish
    What we can`t start
    Come and get me

    Just don`t miss the water

B.G. aka B. Gizzle f Homebwoi

  • Where Da At

    [B.G.] What`s your heart beatin for, ha? (You SCARRRRRED) What`s your heart beatin for, ha? [Intro] + (B.G.) Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhh! (Uhh, deez niggaz scarred) What`s up ladies and gentlemen? (Deez bitch niggaz scared) Boys and girls (It`s lil B.

Brooklyn Zoo, Chuck D, DA Smart, ERule,

  • One Million Strong

    Typed by: davpaul@dove.net.au This is a mission, not a small time thing (sample repeats) [Mobb Deep] Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, word up son, check it out though YaknowhatI`msayin? Word up son Listen up son, knowhutI`msayin? (Watch out for them man) Li...

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