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Freddy Quinn

  • 100 Mann Und Ein Befehl

    Irgendwo im fremden Land ziehen wir durch Stein und Sand. Fern von zuhaus und vogelfrei, hundert Mann, und ich bin dabei. Hundert Mann und ein Befehl und ein Weg, den keiner will. Tagein, tagaus, wer weiß wohin.


  • Baby Talk

    It`s too bad not to know I don`t know I hurt you so - baby talk to me. I shall say I like you wait baby please don`t hesitate - baby talk to me. You never try to talk your feelings through Communications start from me to you.

Alishas Attic

  • 5 Big Letters

    Pride is the most hurting thing Of all the five big letters A wasting thing, a weakness Nasty sometimes, I`m spitting five big letters Razor blades, turning your blood blue Everybody wants to say the right words Everybody wa...

The Barclay James Harvest

  • (Took Me) So Long

    I`ve been so lost Too uncertain Down the long road Walked on Got the feeling Deep inside me I`ve waited so long The mountain we`re climbing We`re reaching so high We`re looking for someone And wondering why It`s hurting too much ...

Dark Side Cowboys

  • 7th Day

    We`re all forgiven We`re all forgiven We`re all forgiven We`re all forgiven


murray dan

  • foolish pride

    foolish pride by dan murray *note* hammer on and off C straight tunning (capo second fret) verse 1: C unbutton me, roll up my sleaves G hang me by the curtains to dry C take off my tie, unfold me by and by G hang me in the closet to grow old C unti...


  • vamos mi raza

    Author/Artist: Muscaria Title: Vamos mi Raza Album: Combatiendo Apatнa Transcribed by: Patricio Moreno Email: pachuko@ecuarock.com G-|----------------------------|- D-|----------------------------|- A-|----------------------------|- E-|--------------...

Ant Banks

  • 2 The Head

    Many dues have been paid, many punks have been played
    For the funky beats I made I get for my grade
    I`m from the Dangerous Crew, I can`t hang with you
    Cause I`m from Oakland, bitch, where the game is true
    You don`t be...

Buck Fizz

  • Making Your Mind Up

    Careful, don`t look down the wrong end
    You will see ships that fall out of the sky
    Who put that nail in your eye
    You make me want to cry with your...
    Everything looks smashed and br...

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