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malmsteen yngwie

  • anguish and fear

    From: (Judy Letostak) Yngwie Malmsteen Anguish and Fear from Marching Out tune down 1/2 step * artificial harmonic fig1 |------------------------|------------------------|------------------------| |---...

Luscious Jackson

  • Alien Lover

    Lightship lover Interplanitary other Sci-fi brother If you are somewhere above us Airwave raver Cybercrazed savior Pest resistant, optimistic, send me a sign Im a low-meg rapper Fertile futuristic flapper Regenerating cel...

All Stars

  • Land Of Make Believe

    Stars in your eyes little one Where do you go to dream To a place we all know The land of make believe Shadows tapping at your window Ghostly voices whisper Will you come and play Not for all the tea in China Or the corn in Carol...

Boac f Mr. Pibb

  • Modern Originalus

    Aaaahhhhh It`s time for dinner It`s time for dinner It`s getting cold I heard you are what you eat It`s true that i must be an emcee If i didn`t eat at all well then you`d call me empty If i ingested only brocolli i would be a vegetable And if i chom...

New Musik

  • A Map Of You

    Decide where you`re going to And how far you should go Can`t you see Don`t you know You are here Decide where you`re coming from Make your way passing by Can`t you see Don`t you know You are here You are here You are here Decide w...

All Wound Up

  • Bittersweet

    I Can`t Forget Your Smile These Days I Miss You So Much But I`m Here You`re There Now I Can`t Forget Your Tender Smile Smiling`s Enough To Bring Me Home Again If I Had One Wish You`d Be Here With Me So Please Don`t Forget This Tr...

Bizarre f Da Brigade

  • Attack of the Weirdos EP

    Chorus: repeat 3x All my ladies say WHAT, WHAT, WHAT And all my dogs say WHAT, WHAT, WHAT [Bizarre] Ladies and gentlemen may I grab your attention Its the dopest MC from the Midwest Did I mention So clap your hands and stomp your feet And party ...

Александр Малинин

  • Белый конь

    Я хотел въехать в город на белом коне Да хозяйка корчмы улыбнулася мне На мосту видно мельник взгляд бросил косой И остался я на ночь с хозяйкою той Конь уснувший в путь просился скорей Но не слышат влюбленные лучших друзей Я всю ночь до утра в той ко...

Helt Off

  • Babylonsjukan

    Vers 1: (Timbuktu)
    Mitt huvud й fullt av bilder o kvinnor
    O bilar o pengar, reklamen dom sдnder
    Dom fina sakerna i livet som du bцr
    Jobba fцr o jaga till du dцr
    Lyckan finns dдr i mitt nдsta kцp
    Ska det bli mi...

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