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mach turtle

  • human dog

    I`m not sure exactly how it goes but this is the general idea. I will try to figure out the rest soon. It is all in standard tuning.

Second Street Unit

  • Best Things In Life

    When she told me storys And I knew she was lying I felt our love was dead, was dead Hey why`s that, why did you do that Did you have a good time by making the fool out of me You told me all your shitty shit, that you`ll always wan...

machine gun fellatio

  • (Let Me Be Your) Dirty Fucking Whore

    My darling the stars they shine for you My darling the birds [whistling] twitter for you My darling my heart skips a beat Whenever I think of you And under a moonlit sky I pray and dream that I Will be the one will be the one that...

The Bass Plays Wrong

  • Close Your Eyes

    300 times I dream of you 300 times I prayed for you now I sit here I`m all alone now I am shure you left me alone. I think of a time, when you were mine.


  • All Right Now

    Oh whoa oh Ow There she stood in the street Smiling from her head to her feet, I said A-hey, what is this? Now baby maybe, maybe shes in need of a kiss. I said A-hey, whats your name, baby, Maybe we can see things the same.

machine head

  • A Nation On Fire

    Well I see, I feel
    On my way
    You close your eyes, scared to think
    You might see
    A world that spends more to kill than cure
    Living, writhing, diseased, so unpure
    It hardens me, the things I see
    But I won...


  • Coroner`s Inquest

    For me there`s nothing left to hide They try to blind and scorch my mind A change into a chrysalis Truth is often bitter left unsaid But I see the shadows in my hands Sears of my loneliness Self-knowledge, repressions, forthcomi...

Freed Arthur

  • Temptation

    TEMPTATION You came, I was alone. I should have known you were temptation. You smiled luring me on, my heart was gone, you were temptation. It would be thrilling if you were willing. If it can never be, pity me.


  • Close To You

    I wanna get close to you I wanna get next to you Never felt the way I feel for you And that`s when I get close to you I`m never feeling blue When I get close to you Never in my dreams or in between Youre the only one I mea...

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