Changin` Times — текст песни (nazareth)

When I was young I used to understand
That when you`re with a girl, you gotta act like a man
Mama told me that`s the way it should be
And I know my mama never lied to me.
Must be a victim of the changin` times
`cause when I`m with you I just can`t make up my mind

Since I met you don`t know right from wrong
Somebody tell me just what`s goin` on
Just can`t get myself thinkin` straight
I`m all shook up and in a terrible state
Sometimes I think I got it all figured out
Then you do something new and it just knocks me right out

Someday baby I`m going to have to make a stand
The way that you treat me baby
Don`t make me feel too much like a man
And baby, baby, all the changes you`re goin` through
You`re drivin` me half crazy
Can`t make up my mind what to do about you.

Tellin` myself that time is on my side
You`re gettin` this feelin` that my mind`s on the slide
Dumped on the floor, I feel I`m trapped in a spin
Don`t know how to end, can`t think of where to begin
She don`t care I know she don`t even try
But when she turns it on, you know she gets me so high.

She`s a lady that`s making my life a sin
You know that I`m runnin` in a losin` race
Ain`t no way I can win
Baby, baby, the changes you`re goin` through
They`re drivin` me half crazy
Can`t make up my mind what to do about you.

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