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Big Ed f C-Murder, Kane and Abel

  • Don`t Play With Me

    [C-Murder] I mean mug fake niggas that be testin` my presence so duck and run, young nigga, 187 ya fellows Friend or foe, you`se hoe, so dry ya eyes I`m bustin` I told these bitches I`m thuggin`, them ghetto niggas they love me C-P-3 to H-0-V I feel ...

Cage f Copywrite

  • Suicidal Failure 12

    The most dominant [Copywrite] Copywrite [Copywrite] 78 degrees [Copywrite] Alex with a little message [Cage] The most dominant Copywrite MC [Copywrite] Alex with the fuckin loaded thirty-oh-two [Cage] [Cage] Nod your head till I bend you with a ?pitch...

Danja Mowf f SupaFriendz

  • Phone Tag

    Hello, you have eight messages If you`d like to make a call, please hang up and try again. If you need help; hang up, and then dial your operator.

Finn Neil

  • Addicted

    (Finn) Hear the words a jumble try this tongue twister Kevin has a caterpillar squeezed between his fingers Hear the mailman come, see what he delivers And you wait and it makes you feel strange As if you were afraid And you lie w...

Mary J. Blige

  • Be Happy

    How can I love somebody else
    If I can`t love myself enough to know
    When it`s time,
    Time to let go

    All I really want
    is to be happy
    And to find a love that`s mine

Next f 50 Cent

  • Jerk

    [50 Cent] Next and 50 (Uh-huh) Next and 50 Next and 50 Next and 50 Yo, yo my imagination is more vivid than life Playboy November issue page three was my wife I ain`t never had a problem with going for dough I did a Jordan in the box I grew it myself ...


  • 4 Ever My Beat

    [Intro] My beat forever 4 Ever My Beat, 4 Ever My Beat (echoes) 4-4-4-4-4 Ever My... [Daddy-O] 4 Ever My Beat, this beat is mine forever The tembo is slow and the rhymes are clever Me trade this beat? No, I will never, huh It gets funky at switch ...

T-Mac f Dirty, Mega Bucks

  • Who Da Ballas

    Yo Geezy tell these niggas` who the ballas is I be that playa-hata dodger Niggas` claim ballers, but they ain`t nothin` but flodgers While I stay on the low, that midnight marauder Tryin` to get my bank account fuckin` larger Whatever`s whatever,...

Beanie Sigel f Snoop Dogg

  • Don`t Stop

    [Chorus - Snoop Dogg] Ma! I think it`s safe to say You ain`t seen a playa lay this way Or playa game this way Wit a attitude, like - and ya don`t stop Aficionado, so fashionable Wit a confident swagger, international Game so tight the girls had to go A...

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