Sing Glory (That`ll Do) — текст песни (Jason Mraz)

Say when I wake up
and the day begins,
will I hold my breath
and count to ten,
or will it be three?
We`ll see, we`ll see.
It depends on which day of the week.

So I sing out, I sing out loud.
I`m just one tiny motherfucker singin` proud.
Singin` glory glory hallelujah.
Yeah that`ll do.Say that`ll do.

In the arms of a city
that holds no trace
of a face and the face replaces you and me.
So go make a life
and not a living
singin` glory glory hallelujah
yeah that`ll do

Theres things to know
so were told,
but the days they keep rollin on so
painfully playin slow,
and theres ways to grow yeah
but blow by blow
see it all gets lost somewhere now
see I already forgot.

So sing out, sing out loud
you`re just another motherfucker singin`proud
singin` glory, remind me, glory hallelujah
yeah that`ll do yeah that`ll do

see we should all keep pretending
that our dreams are patent pending.
You should see some of the scenes that I`ve seen.
And I know love.
I`ve flown above and beyond,
but its still to long of a wait.

So I sing out I sing out loud
see we can be ten thousand motherfuckers singin` proud
singin` glory glory hallelujah
say that`ll do yeah that`ll do

I sing my stories for you
you will sing for me too
and together say we can make it through.
They say when you`re sing`n you`re prayin` twice
don`t that sound nice
so rise up, come on now, and give it a try

so sing out sing out loud
we can be six billion motherfuckers singin proud
singin` glory oh glory glory hallelujah
yeah that`ll do yeah that`ll do

This is no ordinary world
we need extraordinary glory
yeah that`ll do
yeah that`ll do

say that`ll do

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