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Hank The Knife and The Jets

  • Guitar King

    Only eighteen almost grown Tryin` his luck away from home The guitar in his hand won`t leave his side The way he plays he should go far One day he`ll be a record star And people come from far to watch him play.

Владимир Трепетцов

  • Белая береза

    Владимир Трепетцов

    Над тихоней речкой

    Рос с березой клен.

    В гордую соседку

    Был тот клен влюблен.

    И когда над речкой

    Вечер наступал,

    Клен ...

October Tide

  • Grey Dawn

    I painted with rain the sight of the daybreak, as being in need of a momentary remake the life I am leading is the way of depravity, a threat th my already poisoned sanity grey dawn, everlasting hope is utopia for all that I know, when counting...

Tift Merritt

  • Good Hearted Man

    I swore that I was living free,
    Oh, you couldn`t talk to me,
    And the pride that kept me didn`t want no company,
    Early morning subway train,
    Feeling lost and running late,
    Well, he held the car, and he gave his seat...

Виктор Третьяков

  • Актёр

    Виктор Третьяков

    Вот уже который год

    Сам себя, как роль, играю:

    То смеюсь, то умираю,

    Выходя на эшафот...

    Дубль первый.

Hank Williams Jr.

  • A Countryboy Can Survive

    The preacher man says its the end of time and the Mississippi River she`s a going dry. The interest is up and the stock markets down and you only get mugged if you go downtown.

Kurupt f Capone, Gonzoe

  • Another Day

    Intro: [Gangstas] Let`s spark up an idea, you know [Gangstas] I don`t know why you cats [Gangstas] insist to get involved in our game man I mean, Drug money, thug money, its all funny money to me you know Scared money don`t make no money man, so you...

Hank Williams, Jr.

  • A Mansion On The Hill

    A Mansion on the Hill A D A Tonight down here in the valley D A I`m lonesome and O how I feel A7 D As I sit here alone in my cabin A E A I can see ...

KRS-One f Puff Daddy

  • I Got Next

    * unlisted bonus track on compact disc Intro: Puff Daddy I`ma make you dance And we won`t stop, cause we can`t stop (repeat 3X) Don`t stop KRS-One Puff Daddy Bad Boy remix Hit me baby Verse One: Puff Daddy, KRS-One Hea...

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