U Said — текст песни (Oomph!)

U said `We could be a nation
It`s time - Time to make amends
Wake up! - Feel the fascination
Join us! - Fate is in our hands`


U said `Meet me at the station
It`s time - Time to be a man
Awake! - Feel your domination
Restrain! - Every now and then`


Don`t think too much! - Listen!:
I am the mood that sticks in your mind
I am the boot that kicks your behind
I am the thorn that burns in your side
I am the dawn - The turn of the tide
I am the heat that`s making you sweat
I am the beat that`s breaking your head
I am the sound that`s giving you pain
I am the hound that`s living again

U said `Stop your lamentation
It`s time - time to understand
Live fast! - drop reincarnation
Die young! - only for your land`

Hold your head up high
I kick it away - You bother!

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