Quikstremental (Quik`s Groove 7) — текст песни (DJ Quik)

[DJ Quik]
It`s so big, Quik`s Groove 7
Jodeci, yes!

I`m tell you one thing (just one thing, come over here)
Mmm yeah (that`s right) that`s right (you gon` party with Jodeci)
Ah-hah, you wanna play with DJ Quik (that`s right, momma, that`s right)
That`s right, everything is right (ohh, that`s right)
Tell `em K (ooh yeah, that`s right)
JoJo (uh-huh, that`s right)
Lil` Daryl (ooh yeah, that`s right) tell `em that`s right
Ay Quik, let her know it`s right, everything is right

[DJ Quik]
When the bass pops, it`ll make your face cock
Fuck the king of the West, I`m a prince, I bring the taste pops
Tell your moms Jodeci`ll make they juke joint pop
Diary of a Mad Band, fuckin with a bad man
My beats`ll have you lookin down at your feets
I resurrect from the dead and put it back in your head
DeVante, K-Ci and Jo, those my pals
Pass the Cristal to Daryl and mind your gal nigga

[Chorus 2X: Jodeci]
These girls up in this club
Showin Quik and Jodeci love
Cause they want to bump with us
That`s right, that`s right

Oooh yeah (oh that`s right)
Uh-huh (girl that`s right)
Oooh yeah (you hearrrrrrrrd)
Uh-huh (know that`s right)
Oooh yeah (K-Ci)
Uh-huh (that`s right)
Oooh yeah (JoJo - that`s right)
Uh-huh (Mr. Dante)
Ohhh yeah, yo-yo, yo-yo-yoooo, huh
That`s right, that`s right
`Til the mornin liiiiiiiii-ight yeah-hahh that`s right
Ooooh-wee, that`s right
Ooooh-wee, that`s right
You know you know it`s right
A-ha, hoo, it`s right
Yo this right
Yo this riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
That`s right - that`s right!
That`s right

[ad libs sporadically to end]

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