Chaos at The Airport — текст песни (Kim Wilde)

I was driving out to meet you that night

Getting reports on the weather

You were coming home, had caught the last flight

But we would soon be together

Youd been gone such a long time

When my radio gave the warning


Chaos at the airport tonight, something ain t right

No-one can land in the weather

Planes are crashing out of control

And all in all I think youve lost him forever

Looking up I started searching the skies

Was he still up there above me

Was the man whod waved a million goodbyes

Now just a stranger who loved me

But as I drove to the terminal sign

I heard a great loud explosion


I ran so, so fast but if I could only reach you

But youre so far away, youre oh so far away

Landing lights approaching

Out from a sea of darkness

But youre so far away, youre oh so far away

Like a bird of death it hovered around

Until the wheels started turning

Then I saw the jets just touching the ground

And I could see it recurring

And as I looked for the last time

My radio gave the warning

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