Party in the Rain — текст песни (Eve f Mashonda, Swizz Beatz)

Swizz Beatz- (um hum) woo oh, Swizz Beatz, E-V-E, Mashonda, Ryde Out !

[Verse 1: Eve]
Yo, betcha never heard of a joint so knocking
This one reach you all
Hip hop the hard rocker`s
Even not anyone, hater`s can`t block her
I`mma take control and join this chart topper
Got no time to sit down, you just got to jump up
I need your attention, listen to me see
I`m up in the zone now
Where u all belong now
Nigga is you with me
Move your body (uh)
Nigga this is it
Feel this hotness, that i spit
On the Swizz Beatz
And it get`s no sicker than this
Ya like that, nothing crazier or even exist
Dj spin it off, and watch the crowd flip (wow)

[Chorus: Mashonda]
I wanna party in the rain
(Let it rain , let it rain, let it rain)
Things will never be the same
(Things won`t be the same)
I wanna party in the rain
(Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain)
Things won`t be the same noooo

[Verse 2: Eve]
Uh, ayo, this thing so crazy
That it hurt ya soul
Don`t know what to call it that
Call it rock n roll
All this shit sounding the same
Had to switch the pitch
Change it up ya mean
Gotta stay that bitch
How you feel, when you hear this
Wasn`t prepared boy
I need the listeners on the dance floor
Go head boy
You in yo spot, play the shit loud, run around
Make ya neighbor`s, call the police
C`mon go head get wild
Some of y`all against this shit
Really against this chick
This for the niggaz who love me
Go head a get bent
And if you really want people
To think you insane
Open up your door, let it pour
Party in the rain!


[Verse 3: Eve]
Uh, ayo, be careful this one here is crazy
I don`t wanna scare you
Clearly i`m just tryna party
And you niggaz hear me
I ain`t really never wanna let myself go
But i`mma give it now
You can`t really fuck with this flow
If you just sittin down
Now is you with me, or are you bullshitting
I need to know
Messing with my concentration
With me i gotta go
I know you ready to shout it out
Yo this chick`s incredible
And it`s more to come from baby girl
That`s if your ready though
I got alot
Slow down now i`m loosing my breath
I think I might
Move back now ready no not yet
Almost there
Swiss let`s kill them
Bring it back one time
Here we go again
And party till the sunshine!


[Swizz Beatz]
(Yo we gonna do it like this)
Somebody, Everybody will y`all scream!!!!!
Oh, woo oh, woo oh, oh, dance woo, yo get ya hands up
Woo yo,okay, get ya hands in the air, double R
Where u from?
Double R, double R, yeah,woo, woo, clap
It`s party time niggaz
Oh, woo, woo, let`s go
Rise, rise !!!!!
Bounce, get on the floor
From the east to the west
To the north to the south

{*repeat until fade*}

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