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Ismael serrano

  • Al Bando Vencido

    Careful, don`t look down the wrong end
    You will see ships that fall out of the sky
    Who put that nail in your eye
    You make me want to cry with your...
    Everything looks smashed and br...

Knut Kiesewetter

  • Gestern Noch (Yesterday)

    Gestern noch
    war die Welt für mich so wunderschön

    und ich glaubte
    dieser Augenblick
    von grossem Glück könnt` nie vergeh`n.
    Gestern noch

    sagtest du zu mir: Ich lieb` dich so!


  • Baby

    Water in the sky, water in your eye
    and everything is blurred.
    Key is in the door.


  • The magic key

    Missing you, missing you,
    Missing you,magic crew

    This sudden end to my days
    Makes me wish I`d changed my ways
    Spent more time with the posse
    One-t, nine-t, bull-t, me
    From up here, life seems so small

Eve f Mashonda, Swizz Beatz

  • Eve-olution

    * send corrections to the typist [Intro] Swizz Beatz- (um hum) woo oh, Swizz Beatz, E-V-E, Mashonda, Ryde Out ! [Verse 1: Eve] Yo, betcha never heard of a joint so knocking This one reach you all Hip hop the hard rocker`s Even not anyone, hater`s can...

Lord Finesse f Big L

  • From the Crates to the Files

    [Big L] When I cruise through the ghetto I drive slow I`m quick to buck a duck and I don`t give a fuck about five-oh A hardcore, life, a chose to tecs therefore I live raw and went to war with the law My only picture was a mugshot, slugs for thugs got ...

Thirstin Howl III f Unique London

  • Brooklyn Hard Rock

    * a shorter version of this song appears on Soundbombing 2 [Unique London] Hey Brooklyn Hard Rock, your style is mad tight! Your style is mad tight, your style is mad TIGHT!! Hey Brooklyn Hard Rock, your style is mad tight! Your style is mad tight, yo...

The Neptunes f Jadakiss, Super Cat

  • The Don of Dons (Put De Ding Pon Dem)

    [Intro: Super Cat] Well hear Dis! Original Dan die hearted dog heart Haffi put de old iron pon dem Me cyaan live inna no peace ca de whole a dem Informer dem an dem a cause problem Chop It! [Chorus: Super Cat] Koo mama koo mama ma koo saw Dem nah go d...

Esham f Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

  • Pay

    [Esham] Growing up, living in a panic zone Spitting wicket shit on the microphone Smoke that shit, your brains be blown You gone, nigga wrong Only out for the scrilla, thats my fetty, boss One-eight-seven ain`t nothing but spaghetti sauce Cross me you ...

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