Starbright Boy — текст песни (bis)

Yeah, we wanna star in an eighties movie

American bratpack members, truly

Yeah, we want big hair, permed and curly

So we can wear shades, looking mean and surly

Yeah we wanna car with a removable roof

So we can air our big hair, bypass the truth

That these things never happen in reality

But well be pretty in pink, just wait and see

Ill be the starbright boy

And yr the starbright girl

Ill be the starbright boy

And invade yr world

Yeah, we wanna star in a skateboard movie

And be bad at the stunts like all amateurs should be

But wed have so much fun playing lets pretend

That wed get good at the stunts, showing off by the end

Yeah, well steal sport cars from our dads

And well fail our exams cuz its cool to be sad

Yeah, everyday could be a holiday

No school, no rule, just me to say...

Ill be the starbright boy...

Well be hanging around with ferris bueller

Meet drew barrymore cuz shes way cooler

Buy all our clothes on rodeo drive

Never flatlining, well be alive

Upside down like were the lost boys

Endorse the starbright fake plastic toys

Until the white flag must be unfurled

Just like superman, well invade yr world

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