Famous — текст песни (bis)

She looks great, she talks nice

But she is famous

I can write, I can look

For me too glamourous

I cant pass, I cant pay

To be in their shoes

Stand back and Ill admire

Dont want to cause a fuss

Talk to me (Im not within yr reach)

Be with me (not within yr reach)

I think youll see (its so ? )

Its just Im so famous

I can dream, but I know

Youre too good for me

Id treat you, Id spoil you

And do it gently

Take you out but with me

Youre far too pretty

Ill be good, and at night

I would leave quietly

Respected, you look proud

With your head held high

All know you, dont know me

As you walk on by

So many, they love you

I bet you dont cry

They cant mock, they cant talk

At least you did try

Talk to me

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