Say You`ll Stay — текст песни (Kai)

Tonight, we`re all alone tonight,
theres never been a moment
that trembles like tonight.
I read ur eyes tonight,
I see a love I always known
From another time
That once again is mine,

I need to know
are u real?
Do u feel the way I feel?
Could u love?
Like I love you
say u can and
say u do

[chorus 1]
Say you`ll stay,
Say your sure,
Say my heart was made for yours.
Let our love lead the way
Say you`ll stay (say you`ll stay).

Tonight i`ve waited for tonight
I waited all my life
To be where we are
With you in my arms
I cant believe
how you shine
Is this moment really mine?
Could u love like I love you?
say u can and
say u do

[chorus 2]
Say you`ll stay
by my side,
say its more than just tonight
say you`ll know
whenever let u are the wind and
ill never walk away

[chorus 1]

say ull stay forever in my arms
and whenever tears are falling girl,
ill kiss them all away (i will kiss them all away)
so if u wanna be my lady,
say you`ll stay

[chorus 2]

Say ull stay
say ur sure
say my heart was made for urs
let our love lead the way
say ull stay (say ull stay)

say ull stay

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