Relinquishment Of Spirit And Flesh — текст песни (dimmu borgir)

King of tempests and storms
Lord of innumerable figures and forms
Blessed with thy cold I am
As I upon the shoulders of mine
Bear the burdon of Thine
Once I got touched by a fire from beyond
An invitation to darkness of which I could not resist
Caressed by the feathers of the fallen
I took the fate in my hand
My raging Commander
My constant Shade
My soul`s Persecutor
My eternal Divinity
Revealing Thy powers in visions and dreams
Invoking your magic at night
Honored I am to mission thy sword
Within a creed is sworn of majestic might
An infernal allegiance in which I pay my share
An unholy awakening inside of which I intend to bear
Beholding Thy commotion
I entreat You with devotion
I subsume Your might with strength
I will carry on with You as my guardian
Against the lambs of the light
Posesses by the true god of earth I am
Posessed for eternity

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