Get At Me — текст песни (DJ Quik)

(Now I got to cut ya...) <scratches w/ too Quik Quik Quik...>
Yeah ha ha that`s right. `Cause it`s like this
Yeah it`s gotta be like this. Nigga.

Verse 1
It used to be a CPT thang (what)
but now it`s just an all me thang (yeah)
because I`m tired of this gizame (right)
I`m through playin` for a crew
that ain`t got my back
when I`m the one who done
created the sack
Mister You Know Who remember me
I met you when I was P.P.C.
and you wadn`t nothin` but a scrub
wearin` plaid pants and bubble gums
and beggin` for grub
and then when ya hips start growin`
you tripped and flipped and skipped out
know what I`m talkin` `bout
Not even thinkin` `bout the times
when Kay Kay took yo` ass in
`cause you didn`t have a dime
Nigga couldn`t even say thanks for the trouble
I would`ve spanked yo` ass on the double
`Cause when ya didn`t have a place to stay
you little round the way girl
my nigga took yo` way
and that way all my homies had yo` back
Because together they knew we had a fat ass sack
but you couldn`t stand the guns
Couldn`t wait to take ya
<Bitch betta have my> (AMG)
money and run
Kay Kay should`ve knew the motto of life (what`s that)
that ya can`t turn a hoe into a housewife (ha ha)
Because you left a lot of people unhappy nigga
You in debt and ya need to get at me

I`m gonna let ya know it (that`s right)
I`m gonna let ya know it (so ya need to get at me)
I`m gonna let ya know it (huh)
I`m gonna let ya know it (you need to get at me)

Verse 2
Now I can name a gang of niggas I done tripped with
spent a grip with and they ain`t spent shit
and they ain`t never brought nothing to the table
But it ain`t no puzzle I`m able
but why you wanna take my kindness for weakness
To get my money back
I gotta ride yo` ass like Preakness
it ain`t that fly
and when ya see me in traffic just ride by
You should`ve been a pigeon
`cause you duck so well
but next time I catch you I`ma pluck yo` tail
`Cause niggas like y`all show disrespect
by flossin` so you in for a tossin`
You need to go brush your teeth
and change ya drawers and change ya sheets
and stop y`alls bitches
from steadily tryin` ta ride on my mink
And start bathing more than once a week (nigga)
You know who I`m talkin` `bout bitches
so ya needs to come right with a quickness (come right)
and instead of tryin` to duck and dodge
and be crafty you need to get at me.

I`m gonna let ya know it (hell yeah)
I`m gonna let ya know it (you need to get at me)
I`m gonna let ya know it (that`s right)
I`m gonna let ya know it (you need to get at me)

Verse 3
So tell me how we gon` handle this
either we gon` be men or we gon` be scandalous
either way is all right with me
`Cause I`ma show ya that I meant it
when I said that I`m a G Nigga
I don`t take ganks too swell (naw)
that`s why I went and bought a gang of shells
and if you approach me wrong
I`ma clown first nigga run up <gunshot>
< Referee`s voice from Madden `95> First down.
Damn I wish it didn`t even have to come to this
`cause now y`alls on my shit list
right with the white boys in this game
thinkin` they gone get the hits for some chump change
Please huh I didn`t believe that you`ll trip like that
that`s how a gang of niggas flipped like that
so get back fool `cause I`m going out
comin` out of a straight jacket Blastin`!! <gunshot>
and they gon` have to get at me

I`m gonna let you know it. (hell yeah)
I`m gonna let you know it. (you need to get at me)
I`m gonna let you know it.
I`m gonna let you know it. (you know what
y`all can never get at me)

Now battle
<DJ scratches too Quick `til end>

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