Go Bobby Soxer — текст песни (Chuck Berry)

Bobby band a-rockin`
And the bobby soxer`s doing the twist
It`s a bobby soxer beat
And you can rock it any way you wish
Work out, bobby soxer, you can
Wiggle like a whimsical fish

Go, go, bobby soxer
Go, go, bobby soxer
Go, go, bobby soxer
Go, go, bobby soxer
When the weekend comes
You`ll be right back rockin` some more

Bobby soxer dancin`
But she keeps peepin` on the stand
Bobby soxer`s got a crush
On a beatle in the bobby band
Love bug sure gonna bite her
If the beatle even wave his hand

Twist on, bobby soxer
But don`t forget the bobby rule
It`s getting late, bobby soxer
And the teacher teachin` you in school
And tomorrow morning, bobby soxer
You`ll be back in school

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