How Can You Live With Yourself — текст песни (Rush John)

( Oklahoma, 1995)
Turned on the T.V. today I see
There once was a family
But now there is no more
In just the flash of an eye
They`re dreams all passed them by
And I have to wonder just what for
A sudden rumbling, walls are crumbling
Fear and confusion all around
Mothers crying while babies are dying
Pain and sorrow`s what they found
How can you live with yourself
Knowing what you`ve done
I hope you`re happy with the fame you`ve won
How can you live with yourself
How do you sleep at night
Can you really think that you`re right
You think your life is spent
And you blame the government
You say they`re the root of all your pain
But if your life is poor
You can know for sure
That you`re the only one to blame
You think you are right
Simply because you`re white
As you preach your hate religion loud
But the book you claim to use
Was written for the King of Jews
And I don`t think He`s too proud
I`ll say a prayer tonight
In hopes that you might see I`m right
And also see how you`ve been so wrong
But that won`t change the fact
You just can`t take it back
The damage is done, the pain`s too strong
Maybe God could forgive
But now those families must live
Without the lives that you stole
Just be glad I`m not the one
To punish you for what you`ve done
And may God have mercy on your soul

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