Thoughts From A Stolen Soul — текст песни (Nightingale)

Suddenly something changed inside as like the darkness turn to light.
And I saw reflections from the past flashing by
Like a starfall in the night.
It feels like I`m turn into someone else,
It`s like my past life said goodbye.
Reincarnation of our souls well now I know it`s not a lie.
I wonder what I will be or when I`ll arrive`
The magic moment my body comes alive.
But who am I to say all this, I may not even remember what I miss.
I can come to a different part of the earth, maybe to another world.
Who can tell`
I know he is out there pretending he`s me,
I guess it`s a sight I will never see.
I still remember a few things from my past,
But only things in relation to aghast
Here in this waiting room for one`s to be,
I guess there`s nothing more to do
than to realize I might be reborn and the whole of me will be new
Oh how I wish I could dream again so I could dream of you.
But It took the last of my soul, it took the last of my soul,
but I remember you.
I wonder if she can remember, or maybe the world doesn`t even exist.
To me it feels like yesterday, but I might have been lost,
I might have been lost for ages.
Wishing I could be more human, though I know I still have a soul.
With a few sad memories, without any sentences structure,
I may be lost forever. And the darkness turn black again,
And now the journey will begin, am I moving to another stage,
In the process of clearing my thoughts.
It seems like my mind is harder to erase
I may remember too much from the past.
The darkness` no longer carrying me,
and it feels like I`m back at square one.
The pressure is driving me insane,
and maybe there is no sanity left.
This stage of cleansing is twisting my thoughts,
I can think no more, and once again I`m falling a sleep...
Unintelligent life is born, our friend is no longer here.
He`s replaced, he`s initialized and noone shed a tear`
He was so eager to live again, but now he`s gone for all time.
It took the last of his soul.

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