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Danny Mann

  • Hula Hoop

    Hula hoop hula hoop wiegen ihre Hüften auch sie wie die Frau`n auf Hawaii. Am Rio la Plata am Ganges und am Rhein werden alle Mädchen bald Hula-Mädchen sein.

Галина Брусницына

  • 8 Марта 1988г.

    Ты вышла из дому, идешь по солнышку,

    Беретик беленький,

    Локон кокетливый за ушком прячется,

    В глазах восторг....

    Тебе не верится, моя хорошая,

    Что день сегодняшний целиком,

    Как цве...

Marky Mark

  • Good Vibrations

    can you feel it baby
    I can too
    Come on swing it (4x)
    1 - 2 - 3 - now we come to the pay off
    It`s such a good vibration
    It`s such a sweet sensation (2x)
    Yo it`s about that time

Zillertaler Schrzenjger

  • Sierra Madre

    Wenn der Morgen kommt und die letzten Schatten vergeh`n, schau`n die Menschen der Sierra hinauf zu den sonnigen Hh`n.

Danny Mirror

  • I Remember Elvis Presley

    Last night I turned the radio on for the midnight news suddenly I thought I`d died of a broken heart when I heard the announcer say: The great rock singer Elvis Presley also known as the king just died in a hospital in Memphis T...

Kid Frost

  • Homicide

    [Frost]: This is a dramatization. The names have been changed to protect the innocent ones not involved in the stories I`m about to tell. So listen up and listen up well.

Danny O`Keefe

  • Angel Spread Your Wings

    Prisoners of the heart In search of love and peace Hung in desperation Longing for release Im just a traveler Angel youre my ride Take me past the place Ive passed Last time that I died Angel spread your wings I want t...

Black Sheep f Emage

  • B.B.S.

    [Dres] Crumbs to the floor, bums off the wall Stage landing, assured I hit you all like a red ball One to the two, `D` to the `R` `E` to `S` ­ me, baby pah Doing my thing with my peeps Don`t sleep [Verse One] I bounce around the city like I was a pers...

Love Message

  • Love Message

    We are sending out A love message to the world A love message to the world Can you hear the message of love Love message - can you feel it Love message - can you see it Love message - can you hear The message of love Rap Fun Fact...

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