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The 3rd And The Mortal

  • Atupoema

    I walk alone Not because I`m lost But because I want to They call my name They believe I`m scared But the Depth is my friend They can catch me try to thrill me and possess me They can loathe me try to force me into changing Alt...

Biohazard feat. Sen Dog of Cypress Hill

  • Last Man Standing

    [Chorus] Bring it on, here comes the mutherfucking pain There`s a war in my, I can`t take the strain Insane in the brain runnin like a freight train I feel no remorse, I feel no pain I`m the punisher kid an I`m taking you out Say you prayers son, it`s ...

Damnation (Punk)

  • Bloodjunkies

    Four hundred years ago Of something she was born She looks all of nine And in the violence her dress was torn Little girl, what`s your name? She`ll whisper to you pain That`s pain with an "i" not a "y" And now ...

Big Pokey f Chris Ward

  • 2 Way`s On

    Chris Ward:We normally don`t make club songs but tonite we came to make ya`ll uhhh..... (Chorus) Repeat 2X Body rock playa wit ya 2-wayz on I`ma ol` school nigga wit the new J`z on All dat animousity I got my game face on And if your still standing ...

Тишинская Таня

  • А ты налей мне белого вина

    А ты налей мне белого вина,
    А я расскажу тебе,
    Кто кого обидел, и на ком вина -
    Да ты же умный, как я погляжу.

Bob geldof

  • The Great Song Of Indifference

    I don`t mind if you go
    I don`t mind if you take it slow
    I don`t mind if you say yes or no
    I don`t mind at all

    I don`t care if you live or die
    Couldn`t care less if you laugh or cry
    I don`t mind if you c...

Eric Benet

  • A Day in The Life

    Chorus: I just wanna do something real to you Like a real brother is supposed to do Just tell me how you feel baby Ill give you something real baby (repeat) Verse 1: Lets not pretend, I promise if we keep it real Girl yo...

Jeru The Damaja

  • 99.9 Pa Cent

    You wanna front WHAT?? Jump up and get bucked The original, Dirty Rotten`s fuckin shit up Empty your clip of lyrics, in your chest and gut All punks play the floor, it`s raw and hardcore Hotter than a meteor, scorching ego`s Fake ho, gangsters and sup...

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony f David`s Daughters

  • BTNHResurrection

    * send corrections to the typist (Chorus: David`s Daughters) I am waiting for the righteous one Enlighten us the righteous one I am waiting for the righteous one Enlighten us the righteous one Are you waiting for the righteous one? With the faith of t...

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