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Thastrom Joakim

  • Alla Vill Till Himlen

    Kan du inte byta ut ditt namn, s byt planet Du kan bli en stjrna som dom aldrig kan ta ner tnk att hnga hgst dr upp titta ner p folk och le Jag vill, Du vill En lycklig mnnska vet aldrig om p vem han slr han vet att spegeln r den ...


  • (this Would Be My) Fantasy

    This would be my fantasy that You care about me more Than I care about you This would be my fantasy that You`d make things easy And that I`d be carefree For everyone of those alone they find A lover for their own yeah This would b...

Los Lobos Con Antonia Banderas

  • Cancin Del Mariachi (morena De Mi Corazn

    Soy un hombre muy honrado que me gusta lo mejor A mujeres no me falta ni el dinero ni el amor Jineteando en mi caballo por la sierra yo me voy Las estrellas y la luna ellas me dicen donde voy Chorus: Ay ay ay ay ay ay mi amor Ay...

Los Lobos

  • Cancion Del Mariachi

    Soy un hombre muy honrado, Que me gusta lo mejor Las mujeres no me faltan, Ni el dinero, ni el amor Jineteando en mi caballo Por la sierra yo me voy Las estrellas y la luna Ellas me dicen donde voy Ay, ay, ay, ay, Ay, a...

Тюханов Николай

  • Билеты в оперу

    (S=46, T=126)

    Вступление: Am G F E7 } 4 раза

    Am E7 Am
    1. Вот и прожил я жизнь, все как есть испытал
    A7 Dm
    Но а кое-что даже два раза
    Был в Одессе, в тайге, видел лесоповал,
    E7 A...

Vince Gill

  • A Little Left Over

    I work my fingers to the bone
    But you won`t hear me cry and moan
    A workin` man don`t need no welfare line

    Well I`ll never be a millionaire
    And frankly I don`t even care
    `Cause all I need to have a real good t...


  • La Contestacion

    Has it even been so hard on you

    To carry on baby I`m here for you

    Has it ever felt like it`s the end

    Well just look at me again and you will surely find

    The answer to everything


B.G. f Bun B, Juvenile, Ms. Tee

  • Chopper City/It`s All On U Vol. 1

    First Verse: [Juvenile] Scraped my elbow jumpin` the fence Creepin` through the grass camoflauged lookin` for them Cowards, non-believers, contradictors, I`m comin` to get ya You try to frame me without the picture Shit, I`m obligated, to be a Juvenil...

Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

  • Islands In The Stream

    Baby when I met you there was peace unknown I set out to get you with a fine tooth comb I was soft inside There was something going on You do something to me that I can`t explain Hold me closer and I feel no pain Every beat of ...

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