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Mathematics f Allah Real, Angie Neil, Bu

  • The Problem

    Typed by: CnoEvil@CHAMBERMUSIK.Com [Chorus: Eyeslow (Angie Neil)] One cup of Henny`s, got me feeling good Two cup of Henny`s, got the dick on wood Three cup of Henny`s, got me stumblin`, whoadee Four cups, yeah, now it`s a party Work your body, jerk y...

Diamond f Pete Rock, Phife Dawg

  • Hatred, Passion, and Infidelity

    [Phife] Now in this hip-hop world I happen to live in, heads be bitching It`s a wonder that when the punks walk, they don`t be switching Someone always got something to say, and I be itching To verbally bust their whole fucking frame, I ain`t kidding N...

Mac-Shawn f Daz Dillinger, E-40

  • Chronic 2000: Still Smokin` (Suge Knight

    [Mac-Shawn] Beyetch! Young Daz, Mac-n-ac-Shawn and Forty Fonzarelli, bitch It`s all about the money in the telly Gangstas and killers, mob and coke dealers Mac-Shawn don`t play games, I snatch a nigga by his chain and make him drop to a lesser and kis...


  • Renegade Style

    Verse 1 this renegade/This how its goin/known for killin and flowin/im an assassin with perfect aim/one shot to the dome things will never be the same/puttin other MC`s to shame/I aint no bitch i aint afraid...

Acid Bath

  • 13 Fingers

    Bleeding on your highway baby Harvest is a` coming in the season of Dying I trace the skull in your face and remember I kissed a girl with 13 fingers Mutate Insectile Mutate I cum malignant, cold death-gasm -?- I pulse and twitch,...

Doc Doom, Shyheim

  • When You Come Home

    [Shyheim] Doc, Ready Red, Homocide Gable, Free, knowImean? Doin` like the Bridge to `em, uh-huh Man, problems, whatever, yeah Ishmail I used to kick my new rhymes to `im when I made `em up We smoke a blunt and build on Shit Iz Real, growin` up Goin` t...

Masta Ace f Leschea, Rah Digga

  • Type I Hate

    [Rah Digga] Yo, this joint right here is dedicated to all them grimy cats that`ll stab you in the back, nah mean? Disloyal ass niggas all in your business Snake in the grass ass hoes, peeped your stash You ain`t goin nowhere snake See you...

Pedro The Lion

  • A Mind Of Her Own

    dear unlock the door you`re acting like a child ** when you`ve said it (to) yourself ** we are at war how dare you turn on me now right when i need you most i wish i could have seen their faces when they heard the news now t...


  • Another Day

    ROGER Who Do You Think You Are? Barging In On Me And My Guitar Little Girl - Hey The Door Is That Way You Better Go You Know The Fire`s Out Anyway Take Your Powder - Take Your Candle Your Sweet Whisper I Just Can`t Handle Well Ta...

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