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Jerry Jeff Walker

  • (Lookin` For) The Heart Of Saturday Nigh

    Tom Waits Yeah, you gassed her up, You`re behind the wheel Arm around your sweet one, In your Oldsmobile Barrelin` down the Boulevard, Looking for the heart of Saturday night. You got paid on Friday, Pockets a jinglin`.

Texas Is The Reason

  • Johnny On The Spot

    You`re allowed to stay for a while. IВґm going to need your time and waste some time again, I would have thought by now you would be so sick of trying because I`m sick of hearing it so sick ok listening to it.

Big Country

  • 1000 stars

    Big Country - 1000 Stars Album - The Crossing From: maule_andy@hotmail.com Guitars `double up`on this track.

Golden Earring

  • 42nd Street

    Spiraling leapers, wearing Nike sneakers
    Some of them laugh, some of them sing
    Some of them don`t do a goddamn thing
    Trip-skipping drifters, grafters and lifters
    Chicks with big tits, school boys with zits

Dahlgren Eva

  • A Choice Between Life Or Senses

    They are hiding at dinnerparties Behind worried faces They can make you a hero Or a disgrace to the human race They can win or lose You loose your life or your senses They load you with arms Still your mind is fenceless Say no Tel...

River Of Change

  • From Beyond

    Reach the truth In the deep of your soul Where the reality is not allowed to enter You`re tired Trying to build your destiny Sunken into things That don`t belong to you, you live dying! My mind has been grazed By a frozen wind an...


  • Aeon

    Intensive uniting in time and space
    realization of all imaginable
    it seems to be eternity
    defining all the tragedies
    What is time
    and it?s point?
    Must we know
    or is it just irrelevant
    The time we r...

Phil Vassar

  • American Child

    (Phil Vassar/Craig Wiseman) I was ten, I was thin, I was playing first base with a secondhand glove and dirt on my face In nowhere, Virginia Who`d ever figure that kid in the yard would go very far It was 419 Lakewood , had no s...

River Road

  • A Day In The Life

    (Gary Nicholson/Craig Wiseman) I`m up and out the door before the sun comes up Spillin` coffee, banging gears in my pickup truck Racing every red light, getting to the jobsite Bossman hollerin`, boys you`re burnin` daylight Sweat...

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